Preparing your AML/CFT Documents

We help clients prepare concise and effective AML/CFT risk assessments and programmes that are practical to their business.

When we collaborate on developing these documents with you, our goal is to enhance your understanding of their purpose and how they can effectively assist you in detecting and preventing money laundering or terrorist financing activites  occurring through your business.

Although standardised templates available in the market may seem appealing, they often lack efficiency and include unnecessary information that is not mandatory for these documents. They can make compliance with your AML/CFT Act obligations more complicated than it needs to be.

Instead, we customise the documents to align with the specific requirements of your business. We work closely with you to establish practical policies, procedures, and controls that accurately reflect the operations of your business.

Simplifying your AML/CFT Documents

We help you to simplify your AML/CFT compliance documents and procedures. The AML/CFT Act is not as complex as you think or that many AML firms would lead you to believe.

We do not aim to profit off of our client’s confusion. 

If you already have an AML/CFT risk assessment and an AML/CFT programme, but think that they are complicated or difficult to administer, contact us

General Consulting

 If you have an AML/CFT issue that you need a second – or third – opinion on, give us a call or send us an email

If we can help you resolve the issue with a quick call or email, we will not charge you.

If the issue is complex or you require a written report, we will discuss our reasonably set out costs with you.

If you decide to use us as your AML/CFT auditor, we will provide telephone or email support at no extra cost during the three-year period following the audit and before the next audit. We can simplify your AML/CFT Act compliance and help you ensure that your supervisor has confidence in the effectiveness of your AML/CFT Act regime.