Online Self-Assessment Tool


  We understand how expensive and difficult AML/CFT compliance can be. We also understand your obligations better than almost anyone else – as ex-regulators we helped write them! This understanding enabled us to create tools and processes to save you time and money. APT+ allows you to:
  • work out where any problems are with your AML/CFT programme.
  • fix any problems before you get audited
  • give your auditor our report that makes the audit process easier. = a faster, cheaper audit that you are more likely to pass!
Cost: Just $250 + GST, or $150 + GST for IFA members. How the online tool works:
  • It will ask you a set of questions to help determine if you have complied with each relevant requirement of the AML/CFT Act.
  • You answer “yes”, “no” or “not applicable”.
  • Where your plan complies, you add a page reference to help your auditor find this information.
  • You get a report recommending action you need to take.
  • The report also acts as a guide to your AML/CFT programme for your auditor.